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Welcome to Canadian Expatriates!

Canadian Expatriates is an online community of Canadians living abroad.

This site features links to useful online resources; a discussion forum; guest map; feature polls; blogrolls linking to both Canadian expatriate blogs and Canadian blogs; as well as The Expat Blog, featuring articles written by Canadians living abroad.

Visitors to the site may also notice the recent additions of The Expat Roundup and Expatriate Resources. The Expat Roundup provides a one stop source for the ten most recent headlines of your fellow bloggers. It is intended to be a portal to raise awareness of (and traffic for) Canadian expat bloggers. To include your blog in the roundup, simply email us your feed url. The Expatriate Resources page allows for vendors and those who run their own expatriates communities to add their links to the site.

If you have any suggestions, or a personal webpage or blog that you would like to include in our blogroll, please feel free to add it to our suggestion box and we will incorporate it into our list.

We look forward to meeting you on the message board and please do not forget to add your mark to our Guest Map!

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Call for Contributors!

The administration team is currently searching for Canadian expats who would be interested in contributing to our Expat Blog. The subject matter is wide open, but must remain family friendly. Topics may include your experiences of life abroad, your Canadian viewpoint on current events and world politics, or simply commentating on daily life.

If you are interested in joining our blogging team, please send an email our way.

We look forward to working with you!

Posted by Admin

Hot Off the Expat Press

The most recent posts from The Expat Blog:

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The Expat Poll

Cast your vote in the most recent Canadian Expatriates Survey!

After you submit your survey, you will have an opportunity to chat with other expats in the comments section. Please share your ideas for future polls there.

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Expat Talkback

Do have a suggestion for this site or a link that you would like to add?

Leave your comments here.

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